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Make the Best Business and Legal Decisions

Make the best business decisions possible with legal advice from our attorney, Patrick Zimski. We serve businesses, consulting firms, and manufacturing firms throughout Oakland, California, and the East and South Bay, areas.

Legal Services

Our legal services range from business to real estate transactions. Services include setting up a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and partnerships, as well as:

• Formation of and Counsel of Corporations
• Selling and Buying of Businesses
• Selling and Buying of Real Estate
• Commercial Leases
• Contracts for Any Variety of Business Relationships
• Land Use and Development
• Subdivisions and Construction Matters

Business Partners Closing a Deal

Men Signing a Contract

Forming Businesses

Select and form the best type of business organization for your particular business. Our attorney is available to provide comprehensive advice after entity formation such as advice on liability protection, day to day questions, and control and transfer issues. The choice of entities include:

• "C" Corporation
• "S" Corporation
• Limited Liability Company (LLC)
• Partnership or Sole Proprietorship

Contracts and Selling and Buying Businesses

Typically, buying and selling a business happens through an asset sale or a stock sale. Our attorney helps our clients anticipate and solve the various issues and considerations that arise in these types of transactions. If we represent the seller, we look to make sure that the seller is paid for the assets or stock and does not have liability for the buyer's activities once the business is sold. If we represent the buyer, we look to make sure that the buyer does not take on liabilities that the seller created prior to the sale.

Our attorney also assists clients with drafting, negotiating, or reviewing a wide variety of contracts, including:

• Services Contracts
• Consulting Contracts
• Subcontractor Contracts
• Licensing Contracts
• Franchise Contracts
• General Contracts
• Standard Terms and Conditions

Service Rates

Our rates are very competitive and reasonable for our attorney's level of experience. Schedule your free consultation to learn more. Please note that we do not offer any litigation services.