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Buy and Sell Smart with Our Real Estate Attorney

Take the guesswork out of buying and selling real estate or contract law with our attorney Patrick Zimski. Whether you're selling a business or buying land, make the most educated financial decisions in Oakland, California, by utilizing our legal and financial expertise.

Selling and Buying Real Estate and Commercial Leases

We represent both sellers and buyers in real estate transactions. Our attorney also assists landlords and tenants with drafting, negotiating, or reviewing commercial leases. Our real estate services include:

• Negotiating Contracts for the Sale and Purchase of Real Estate
• Helping Sellers Make the Proper Disclosures
• Helping Buyers Conduct Due Diligence In Investigating a Property, Including Title, Zoning and Use Issues, Financial Feasibility, and Physical Condition
• Reviewing Lender Documentation
• Advising on Risk Management with Respect to Ownership and Occupation of a Property

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Real Estate Development
and Land Use

Buying real estate for commercial purposes is a large investment. Our attorney can help you make the most informed decision with the following services in the area of real estate development:

• Advice and Assistance with Respect to Purchase of a Property and Due Diligence
• In Determining Feasibility of the Property for a Particular Use or Project

• Formation of an Entity to Own and Develop the Property

• Land Use and Zoning Matters, which Includes Obtaining Necessary Approvals and Entitlements From the City or County In Which the Property Is Situated
• Subdivisions
• Advice and Assistance with Respect to Architectural Contracts and General Contracts for the Design and Construction of a Project
• Advice and Assistance with Respect to Construction Loans and Take Out Loans
• Risk Management and Construction Defect Defense
• Advice and Assistance With Respect to Selling or Leasing a Project
• Closing Down of the Development Entity As Appropriate

Construction Law

Ensure your construction contract is sound and that everything is legally correct before moving forward with building. We assist construction clients, such as contractors, subcontractors, and architects with drafting, negotiating, or reviewing construction contracts and subcontracts. Our attorney also helps with analysis and advice on liability and insurance matters.